Peak Garden Developments activities are not only limited to residential projects. The company also has extensive experience with commercial/industrial properties rezoning and construction process. Upon completion the company keeps most of the properties for rental income purposes.

Fusion Parc
Richmond Hill

This site is 2.5 acres and the structure built is a 20,000 square feet; one level building. The entire building is approved for restaurant purpose.

4038 Highway 7 East

This property is a 6 acres site with 2 buildings totalling 53,000 square foot and leased to a retail business.

Bullock Ride Phase 1 (156 Bullock)

This site was zoned into industrial usage with a total of 43,000 square feet for auto repair activities.

Bullock Ride Phase 2 (152 Bullock)

Due to the success of phase 1 the remaining land adjacent to the property was also rezoned for auto repair activities.

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